Your Sessions Explained

First Session:

You first session will be establishing a layout for your 2nd and 3rd sessions, we will work on a template and discuss what styles suit you best, we will do this together. We choose a lighter pigment shade on your first session and during your 2nd session we will look at how the pigment has settled on your scalp.

Second Session:

Initially we will examine your scalp and decide if you need to go lighter or darker in pigment. This session is when we start to build up density and volume, we will add more layers in between the layers from your first session. This session is where you start to see a visual difference.

Third Session:

Final touches are applied and dropping of the hairline if you feel it necessary and finishing off blended areas.

We love to see the end results about 3-4 weeks after your final treatment. If your local, feel free to drop in, I’ll make us a coffee. If you are however further away, or extremely busy! You can always upload a picture to us, showing us your delight in our finished work!